Dotun + Joshua

Love, dance, God and Mr & Mrs Abladey, the perfect mix.


There is so much to say about the two day wedding of the gorgeous couple Mr & Mrs Abladey.

We arrived at Jocastas in Lincoln on Friday 28th October for the traditional African wedding ceremony of Dotun and Joshua. We had no idea what to expect from this busy, bright and colourful ceremony but we were excited…. and we weren't disappointed!

The ceremony was amazing and a hub of singing and dancing. Joshua and his family were introduced to Dotun and her family and we witnessed a ceremony where Joshua was to prove his eligibility for Dotun’s hand in marriage from her family.

Lots of dancing, singing, praying and amazing food later and Joshua was eligible to marry Dotun on Saturday 29th October in a traditional church ceremony held at the picturesque Lincoln Cathedral.

We are so honoured to have been asked to film inside this remarkable building and with Dotun and Joshua having around 500 guests present for this ceremony it was a remarkable sight inside the Cathedral. Dotun arrived to an amazing reception and her eager husband to be waiting at the end of the impressively long isle for her. 

Dotun and Joshua became the new Mr & Mrs Abladey and danced their way out of the Cathedral with their bridal and groom parties dancing in toe. Photographs and greetings followed and the party moved onto the Epic centre at Lincoln showground. The Epic centre is a beautiful, expansive building just fit for holding Mr & Mrs Abladey’s impressive guest list. The respective families separately danced into the building, followed by the bridal and groom parties and finally by the newlyweds to get the party started. 

Beautiful speeches were spoken and glorious music was played as the day turned into evening. Dotun, Joshua and their respective parties left the room to change into their clothing made using the traditional Ghanaian print. When they arrived back in, looking colourful and glowing, the newlyweds began an amazing dance off between the bridal and groom party. We have never seen anything like it before and we are so ecstatic to have captured this for the couple as a memory forever. 

We are so grateful to have been asked to capture these two special days for such a lovely couple, we hope they treasure these memories forever and have a long and happy marriage.