Jason + Lee

Friday 26th August was a day to remember as Lee tied the knot to his love Jason at the very grand Stoke Rochford hall.

It was a beautiful wedding to capture and remember...

Jason and Lee decided to have a memorable morning and get ready for their day together, along with their closest of friends (and three of the cutest dogs ever!). The morning had a warm feel of fun and relaxation to it! Such a nice morning for us to capture with the happy couple just chilling with their nearest and dearest.

The dogs got plenty of exercise around the lovely Stoke Rochford grounds on the morning, and it was a great excuse to enjoy the tropical weather!
Friwin Memories Wedding 59.jpg

The wedding rooms were lovely with splashes of orange around along with matching orange cravats on the men of the moment. The colours looked beautiful in the Orangery where their ceremony took place with the sun pouring in all the way through, making it the perfect setting to remember the perfect moment that Jason and Lee became husband and husband.

At the Stock Rochford hotel the new Mr & Mr Rochford were announced!

The cake was a showstopper! An original from choccywoccydoodah no less! With the words "And They Lived Happily Ever After" nestled into the surrounding flowers and butterflies. It was one not to be missed.

The food was a delicious affair and Stoke Rochford did themselves proud! followed by the lovely speeches, with stories of days passed and well wishes of days to come. “

” This only left one thing to do.....dance the night away! and Lee and Jason didn’t disappoint, along with their dogs!

Click here to view some pictures of the day!

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mr Rochford!